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Grand Master Rasta
Grand Master Rasta, aka Aleksey Blagodao - DJ and musician. He began his DJ career back in 1998, during which time he honed his skills in all styles and directions of music. Founder of the famous Moscow DJ duo Push'n'Pull. Former backing vocalist of Basta and Bogdan Titomir. Idiologist and resident of the sensational parties "Magicboogienight" and "Ghettoblasta". Musician of ambient project "Blagodubski" and hip-hop project "Eye". He has participated in many collaborations with musicians and artists. Vinyl music collector. Played with guys like Onyx, Das EFX, Asian Dub Foundation, Kenny Dixon Jr., Egyptian Lover, G-Unit, Ricardo Villalobos, Djulz, Cabanne, Onur Ozer, DOP, Petre Inspirescu and many others. Participant of the festivals "Kazantip" RU, "Fort Dance" RU, "Circle of Light" RU, "Outline" RU, "Cosmos Nash" BY, "Courage Bazar" UA, "FSP" BY, When Aleksey performs alone, he uses only vinyl, which always guarantees the listener and music connoisseur the sound quality and impeccability in the compilation selection. Alexey always improvises, so you will never hear his mix again. You need to listen to it here and now!
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