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Homework is a sheet music for DJs to play strong pro class mixes
Find Homeworks from
famous djs
Homework is a sheet music for DJs
to play strong pro class mixes
«Even though I’ve been DJ’ing for a lifetime I’m still keen to learn tricks and techniques from other DJs. BeDJ is the first step by step teaching aid that I’ve seen that breaks down the often subtle steps that make up a good transition so that anyone can follow along. Bravo!»
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«Hello everyone. I remember well how much I was struggling 30 years ago when I had the desire to become a DJ and I was happy about every advice that I could get in order to improve my mixing skills. BeDJ is an easy and simple way how to get you a better understanding of the timing and flow for your mixes.
In the end we pros have to share our experiences with you and BeDJ invented this amazing tool.»

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Mix duration
58:25 min
Set speed
125 - 125 bpm
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What is Homework? Homework is a sheet music for DJs to play strong pro class mixes. Useful even for very beginners.


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Homework consists of filling two pages
1 Fill out the general information
2 Complete the task itself

Add the Artist Name
and Track Title
+ Buy Link


The bracket shows
the track time limits


Add what BPM
the track should play


Add a timestamp


Choose an action
and (or) adjust EQ


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